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Logo of the entity.

The foundation Els Tres Turons is a non-profit organisation of social initiatives, located in Barcelona, Catalonia, the Earth. It's a foundation that helps people with mental disabilities. Mila is part of this entity, and Melina is undercover in this entity posing as a simple human being who attends the theatre activity of the entity. Josep Maria # was part of this entity for a year and a half, living in the supervised apartment in Mila.


The foundation Els Tres Turons was created in 1985 in the Horta-Guinardó district of Barcelona. The primary mission of the foundation Els Tres Turons is to promote and support people with mental illness, and to favour the social inclusiveness of people suffering from mental disorders, since they can be in a situation of social exclusion and need an intervention that goes beyond the treatment of their symptoms and that enhances social integration. Another main purpose is to contribute to the awareness and dissemination of mental health problems and social exclusion in order to change social attitudes.

Els Tres Turons tries to share liability amongst the disabled people in their recovery process with a personalised and consensual work plan. In a comprehensive vision focused on the needs of the person, this foundation has a list of services aimed at responding to the needs of psychosocial rehabilitation, employment, support for independent living and participation, and promotion of the citizenship. It works using a community practice: promotion campaigns and dissemination of mental health, participation in territorial platforms, collaboration in joint actions with entities of the territory (schools, neighbourhood associations, civic centres, companies, etc.), and all its staff are networked: in order to establish synergies and joint actions, they're part of several networks and strategic alliances.

Known members